Green Cleaning

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What is green cleaning?

Green cleaning is comprised of facility cleaning products and methods developed to improve occupant health and performance while minimizing impact on the environment. Not all green cleaning products are independently audited and certified green. However, Sparkclean Janitorial is one of the only cleaning companies whose products are certified by the leading environmental organizations: Environmental Choice and Green Seal.

Procyon soap-free cleaning uses only ingredients listed as safe for consumption and products that are free of surfactants or wetting agents. Ideal for individuals with asthma, chemical and allergic sensitivities, our green cleaning products contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or ingredients that are considered corrosive, alkaline or acidic. Green Cleaning by Sparkclean Janitorial is a highly efficient and effective cleaning system that is built around these advanced, innovative products.


About Procyon Products


How does PROCYON work without soap?

PROCYON’s all natural degreasers and water softeners dissolve and emulsify contaminants and soil.  Particulates that are not rinsed out dry to a crystallized form allowing easy removal with a good vacuum cleaner.  This will leave no soapy, sticky, residue in your carpets.

Is it safe for children and pets?

Yes, it is non-toxic, odor free and has no enzymes that eat protein (our skin)!

Why does my carpet rapidly resoil in traffic lanes?

There may be an insufficient amount of matting at the facility’s entrance to trap or scrape off the foreign debris on people’s shoes before it gets into a facility.  If there are mats in place, are they properly cleaned and vacuumed on a frequent basis?  Also, residue in carpets left behind by continuous bonnet buffing procedures or improper extraction techniques.

What can I use to disinfect my carpet?

Currently, there are no approved methods to disinfect three dimensional surfaces, like carpet and fabrics, only sanitize these surfaces.  Sanitization refers to the reduction of bacteria present, while disinfection refers to killing all organisms on a surface.

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