Company Overveiw

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Company Overview

   Sparkclean Janitorial Services LLC is a small woman owned business, started in 2007, and located in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Kayla Fountain is the owner of Sparkclean Janitorial Services, and has a management team consisting of Debra – Quality Control Manager, Chris – Floor Specialist, Nancy – Business Manager, Tammy – Accounting Manager, and a crew of ten cleaners. Sparkclean Janitorial Services LLC specializes in white glove industrial cleaning, and Sparkclean Janitorial Services’ quality of work sets Sparkclean Janitorial apart from the competition.


Company History

   Sparkclean Janitorial Services started servicing small businesses with their cleaning needs, and has since expanded into high volume industrial cleaning, specializing in military homes for the last five years. Sparkclean Janitorial Services LLC has taken a commitment to quality to a new level, making cleaning a major part in restoring homes to a uniform appearance. Sparkclean Janitorial Services LLC has added the ROTOVAC 360i, a carpet restoration system, and one of the best systems for carpet cleaning, water damage, and fire damage. Sparkclean Janitorial Services’ goal is to save as much of a home’s existing structure, thus keeping costs at a minimum for businesses and homes in the Interior of Alaska.


Management Team

   Kayla Fountain, owner of Sparkclean Janitorial Services LLC, has over 12 years of industrial cleaning experience, and loves it! Kayla saw a need for white glove standards in the industrial janitorial market, and has worked to make sure Sparkclean Janitorial Services maintains the highest quality, while keeping costs to a minimum. Kayla is backed up by Debra, the Quality Control Specialist, bringing 16 years of janitorial experience to the company. Chris is the Floor Specialist, with 12 years of knowledge.  Nancy is the Business Manager, with a Master’s Degree in Business/Marketing, and has over 15 years of procurement specialization. Tammy is the Accounting Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and 20 years of accounting experience. The Sparkclean Janitorial Cleaning crew consists of 10 more awesome cleaners, who prove time and again, it can be done!

Sparkclean is willing to use something not found in a can, and that is elbow grease.

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