Commercial Services

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Commercial Services

    Let me take this time to point out certain special routines developed by Sparkclean Janitorial. The routine cleaning is done on a nightly basis, but extra service is provided for such things as cleaning interior and exterior areas of entrance doors. Spot cleaning of carpet and glass, disinfecting the public telephones and wiping fingerprints from around light switches. Every week, picture frames and the tops of file cabinets are dusted and doors are wiped for fingerprints. These areas are usually overlooked or totally neglected by most janitorial services. We strive to do the small things so you will be pleased with our cleaning service.

   We promise pride, quality and perseverance. Since you are not bound to any contract, our only security is your day to day satisfaction. You will be pleased with the difference a professional service can make in the appearance and cleanliness of your office.

   Sparkclean Janitorial follows a Written Exposure Control Plan. Sparkclean Staff is trained in blood born pathogens, and follows a strict Hazard Communication Safety Plan. Sparkclean meets OSHA Standards & Regulations.

Sparkclean Janitorial is proud to provide services to the Fairbanks North Star Borough in ….

ROTOVAC 360 Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Floor maintenance
Move in’s & out’s
One time cleans
Maintenance cleans
Small and Large Business cleans
Restaurants & Bars
Medical Office
Government, State, & Borough Bids
and Much Much More!!



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